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Summer 2 term 2019 -  Reading and Writing


This term, our topic is Enchanted Woodland. We began the term by investigating the key features of poetry, and then worked on gathering our own summertime themed vocabulary to use in our own poem. We are now looking forward to writing up our own descriptive poems. We have learned to answer retrieval and inference questions based on a lovely poem called 'In Woods Dark and Deep' which the children have also learned, rehearsed and performed.


In the weeks to come, I am excited to introduce the children to our new class text, 'The Magic and Mystery of Trees' by Jen Green, which is the first non-fiction text we have used to base our reading and writing on since January! We will be looking at the layout of an information text and re-capping our Year 1 grammar knowledge such as use of capital letters, full stops, prefixes, suffixes and conjunctions before creating our own non-chronological report about plants.