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In English we will be using our topic focus of Food from around the world as stimulus for our learning. Firstly, we will be reading the story,The Runaway Chapatti (A traditional tale from India). The children will be using this as a practise run for letter writing. They will be writing letters to their parents, relatives, friends etc. inviting them to join us for our food from around the world celebration. 

Children will get the chance to read aloud, discuss vocabulary, answer reading comprehension questions to really understand the text, as well as enjoy a really good book. They will also practise skills such as writing introductions and conclusions, using modal verbs, revisiting writing in the past tense, using expanded noun phrases and conjunctions (and, but, because, so, or, when, that and if).   




The second part of the half term  we will be looking at performance poetry using the wonderful poem; A World of Food by Carl Warner. Children will learn the different features of poetry; verse, rhyme, layout, use of adjectives and how to write and perform their own poems.