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In English, we will be looking at information texts and a range of stories, as well as linking our reading and writing to our topic work as much as we can. We will be practising our letter formation, and thinking about how we can take care with the presentation of our work. We will rehearse what we are going to write by saying it aloud to someone else. Then we will write captions and simple sentences, checking that they make sense. We will also have a daily phonics session, to begin each day. We will continue learning new sounds, and practise using them in our writing and reading. 

Autumn 1:

Books we have enjoyed this half term, include:

'But Martin!' by June Counsel


Image result for but martin by june counsel  

We used this story to explore how we felt about coming back to school.

We looked at the characters in the book and discussed what they looked like, then had a go at describing ourselves and our friends. We talked about diversity within our class.


'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes 


Image result for Dogger shirley hughes 

We really, really enjoyed listening to this story, and were keen to do lots of activities based on it. We acted out the story in the school  hall and explored the different characters and settings from the book.

We talked about different toys, then brought our own favourite toy into school to show our friends.

We planned and wrote our own version of the story, about losing a favourite toy.



Autumn 2:

This half term we have been reading and writing poems. We have learnt to recite some from memory, and have performed them to each other.

We linked our poetry work to the celebration of Bonfire Night. Our favourite poem was:


Bonfire Night

In the night-time darkness,

In the night-time cold,

Did you spot a Catherine wheel

Raining showers of gold?

Did you watch a rocket

Go zoom into the sky?

And hear a bonfire crackle

As the sparks lit up the guy?

In the night-time darkness,

In the night-time cold,

Did you clutch a sparkler

As it scattered stars of gold?

By Irene Yates


We had a bonfire party of our own at school to help us to write our own bonfire poems. This helped us to get ideas for our poem.


'Don't Spill the Milk' by Stephen Davies 

Image result for don't spill the milk

This book tells us about Penda's journey from her tiny village, to the grasslands, to take some milk to her dad. We went on a journey ourselves, and took our milk to the school allotment. We wrote a recount of our journey, and compared it to Penda's.


Spring 1:

In the first part of this half term, we read and then wrote our own instructions.

To start with, we read instructions for toys and games, and in recipe books.

We had a go at writing instructions to help our teachers to make their breakfast! The next day, we followed a recipe to make some delicious cupcakes in class, then wrote instructions so that someone else could make cupcakes too.




Traditional Tales:

We read lots and lots of Traditional Tales, and thought about what they could teach us, or someone else, about our country.

Image result for traditional tales          Image result for traditional tales     Related image      Related image      Image result for traditional tales

We focused on Little Red Riding Hood, and wrote our own versions of the story by changing one of the characters. We changed the big, bad wolf into something else. Our stories were great, and featured...sly foxes...witches...mummies...nasty robots...and other exciting 'bad' characters! We even made puppets of our new characters. You can see photographs of some of these in

'Our Photo Gallery'.

We also read some stories from other cultures and thought about what we could learn about other countries from these. We enjoyed this story, The Blue Jackal. It is a story from India.



Spring 2:

This half term we are learning all about the artist Vincent Van Gogh. To help us to find out about him we will be using a biography.

To find out what a biography is, we first looked at a biography of Queen Elizabeth II. We learned interesting facts about her. We now know that a biography is:

"The story of a real person's life

written by someone else."

We wrote some facts we learned about the Queen from her biography, in our books.

Image result for queen elizabeth ii heinemann biography for kids 


Then we looked at a biography of Vincent Van Gogh. We didn't really know about him before, but we learned lots about him - his work and his life. We were able to recall lots of these facts, probably because we found him fascinating.

We wrote our own 'mini-biographies' in our books, using the facts that we remembered.


Katie and the Starry Night by James Mayhew 


Related image 

We loved working with this story, especially as it linked so well to our topic work.

We looked at the cover of the book and the pictures on the back and front covers, and used what we saw to help us to make predictions about the book...What would the story would be about? What would happen in it? Who was Katie?

We read the story, and got to know the main characters, and the plot (main events). After this we planned and wrote our own versions, using different characters. We wrote our stories in special booklets, and illustrated each part. It took a long time, but was worth the effort - they are fantastic and really show how far we have come with our writing!