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In English we will be starting this year with a descriptive writing focus describing the behaviours and appearances of two of Roald Dahl's the most revolting characters ... Mr and Mrs Twit. To end this unit we will be writing a book review summarising the story and giving our opinion on the book as a whole. 

After this we will be creating a non-fiction information text on the journey from 'farm to fork' linked to our topic, 'Food, Glorious Food!"


In the second half of the term, we will be focusing on poetry and will will read, perform and adapt rhyming poems.  As well as this we are looking closely at the narrative Willy and Hugh, written by Anthony Browne and creating a character study of the main characters. This will focus on improving vocabulary choices and use of conjunctions for example; because, and, so, or, for where as. 

After this we move onto a winter themed unit where we will take inspiration from the stories of The Jolly Postman ending in the children creating their own letters.