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Under the Sea


This week, we have been thinking about the different creatures that live under the sea. We moulded plasticine to make our own creatures, thinking carefully about the shape of our creature and how many legs it has. Aren't our models wonderful?! Well done, Redberry!

Brown Bear Brown Bear...What Do You See?


Recently, Redberry have been reading 'Brown Bear Brown Bear...What Do You See?' in their Literacy lessons. We learned the story and developed our own actions to go with it. We then began to think about which animals we thought should have been included in the story. We thought carefully about what these animals look, sound, feel and smell like and generated some wonderful adjectives! These helped us to write our own brilliant versions of the Brown Bear story. We also created pictures of animals from the original story or from our own stories, using sticks and paints. Which animals can you see?!


Measuring Length


This week, we have been measuring length using non-standard units (like sticks, socks and cubes) and standard units (including rulers and metre sticks). We enjoyed measuring the length of vegetables and our friends using our non-standard units, remembering to measure from one end, to line our objects up carefully, and to not leave any gaps. When we used our rulers, we remembered to start measuring from 0cm. Well done, Redberry!

Our Beautiful Butterflies


This week in our Literacy lessons, we have been reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. On Friday, we decided to create our own beautiful butterflies. We looked carefully at photos of butterflies and discovered that butterflies are symmetrical! We tore up pieces of brightly coloured tissue paper to create our butterflies, trying to make sure that we used the same colours and patterns on each side. Well done, Redberry!

Our Animal Paintings


This half term, we are learning all about animals that live in Britain. We looked carefully at photos of animals, including owls, foxes, horses, fish, pigs, rabbits, sheep and butterflies, and we each painted our favourite. We then thought carefully about where our chosen animal might live and used collage materials to create a habitat for it to live in. Aren't our pictures fantastic?!

We went on a Shape Hunt


We have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes recently and we decided to go on a shape hunt to prove how much we know. We spotted so many different shapes in our garden and we were great at using the right vocabulary to describe them. Which shapes can you spot in our photos?



In Redberry Class, we have noticed that our local environment has been changing recently. We have spotted daffodils growing, blossom appearing on trees, and eggs being laid in nests. We wanted to know why these things were happening so we decided to investigate spring. We searched online and in non-fiction books for information, we talked about what we had seen on the way to school, and we sang songs about spring. We were particularly fascinated by blossom trees so we decided to create our own. We hope you enjoying looking at them!

2D and 3D Shapes


In Redberry class this week, we have been exploring shapes. By using a balloon to help us, we discovered that there are two types of shapes: flat, 2D shapes and fat, 3D shapes. We hunted around the classroom looking for 2D and 3D shapes, testing them by placing them between our hands to see if they were 'flat like a pancake' or 'fat like a balloon'. We then decided to build little pigs and big bad wolves using shapes and we described our models using super language! Well done, Redberry!



Last week, we came to school and found a letter from Anna. Over the weekend, Elsa had accidently frozen lots of our toys and Anna needed our help to rescue them. We spent the week thinking of ways to save the toys (including breaking the ice with a hammer, melting it with hot water and a hairdryer, and pouring on salt) and then testing our ideas. We had great fun exploring the properties of ice and we even used it to help us make some delicious vanilla ice-cream. Yummy! Hans heard how helpful we had been and decided to come and visit us at school. What a wonderful week we had! 



We have also spent our number lessons learning how to share. We thought about how to share things out so that it's fair and so that everyone is happy. We decided the best way to do this is to share things out one at a time, very slowly and carefully. We made delicious cakes and shared 'sugar buttons' out onto each. We were great at telling our sharing story, by saying how many buttons we started with, how many cakes we needed to share them between and, finally, how many buttons each cake got. 

Forming Numbers


In our recent maths lessons, we have been thinking really carefully about what numbers look like and we have been practising our number formation. We enjoyed practising creating numbers using playdough, by drawing numbers in glitter, sand and with felt tips, by using magic wands and even by tickling them on to our friends' backs! We found number 8 really hard but we made sure we were Resilient Rhinos and we kept on practising!



This week in our number lessons, Redberry have been exploring doubling. We learned that when we want to double, we need to add the same amount again. First, we doubled using pompoms and we checked the answers on our fingers. Then we worked with our partners to double using the numicon. After that, we helped Robin Hood double using animals and finally, we helped our snowmen double the number of raisin buttons they had on their tummies. Some of us even decided to apply our knowledge of addition and write doubling number sentences. Well done, Redberry. You  worked so hard this week that Mrs Johnson and Mrs Keeling gave you 3 class credits, and then they decided to double this! Can you remember what double 3 is?



In our number sessions this week, we have been working to become addition experts! We helped Goldilocks solve addition number sentences in many different ways, including by counting out bowls of porridge and bears, using our fingers, counting along the number line, and even counting on in our heads. Some of us even decided to write and solve our own number sentences! We understand that when we add, the number becomes larger and we know which way we must count along the number line. We know that good mathematicians always check their work and we are now great at using different methods to do this! Well done, Redberry. You have shown that you are Resilient Rhinos, Resourceful Squirrels and Reflective Owls!

Porridge for Goldilocks and the Three Bears


This week we have been reading 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and we decided to make some porridge of our own. We made sure we washed our hands and put on aprons before we started, so that we didn't spread germs or get our school uniforms dirty! We weighed out our porridge oats very carefully, by using a set of scales and 50g of compare bears. We knew we had enough porridge when the scales were balanced. We then used a measuring jug to measure out the right amount of milk. We mixed it all together, added some sugar to make our porridge as sweet as baby bear's, and cooked it on the hob. We stood well back from the hot oven so we didn't burn ourselves and then we blew on our cooked porridge so that we didn't burn our tongues either! We thought the porridge was very tasty and we scraped our bowls clean so that there wasn't any left for greedy Goldilocks to steal! Yummy!

Reading Goldilocks' Instructions


This week, we have been helping Goldilocks to read and follow instructions. We worked together as a team to remember how to be fantastic readers. We reminded each other that there is always a capital letter at the start of a sentence and a full-stop at the end, and that we read from left to right. We scanned the sentence to look for any exception words, like 'the' and 'to', because we know that we cannot blend to read these - we just need to learn them. We also looked out for any high-frequency words like 'and' and 'on' because we have read these so many times, we don't need to blend to read them anymore! We knew for other words, we needed to say the sounds and blend them together to read them. We also remembered to re-read the sentence and look at the picture to help us with our understanding. Well done, Redberry! You have made wonderful progress with your reading! Don't forget to keep practising at home.

Measuring with the Weighing Scales


Over the last couple of weeks, we have been exploring how to using weighing scales. We discovered that heavier items cause the scales to drop like a rock and lighter objects cause the scales to rise like a feather. We were able to compare and order objects by weight, and we were great at explaining our understanding. We then used the scales to measure how heavy objects were, by using cubes to balance the scales. We also followed recipes, and measured out the correct weight of ingredients in grams, to make biscuits and play-dough. We will be making porridge next week and we are looking forward to using the scales again!



This week we have been learning all about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. We read an information book all about Anita, a little Hindu girl who taught us all about how she and her family celebrate Diwali. We found out that many Hindus light Diwa lamps in their houses and we had a go at moulding our own out of clay. We read the story of Rama and Sita and then acted it out using the lovely puppets Year 5 lent us. When Rama defeated the evil king, Ravana (who had ten heads), the whole world celebrated by lighting lamps. Hindus light lamps today to remember how good always defeats evil and light always defeats dark.  At the end of the week, we made our own special Diwali sweets! What flavour do you think they might be?

Measuring Length and Height


In Redberry Class, we have been investigating length and height in our Maths lessons. We drew windmills and then used Unifix cubes to find out whose windmill was the tallest. We were great at measuring because we remembered to measure from the bottom of our windmills all the way to the top, and to make sure there were no gaps between the cubes. We also began to estimate length, which means to make a sensible guess about how long something might be. We measured how long Miss Bassett's shoe was and then we all tried to estimate how many cubes long our own shoes would be. We then measured them to see how accurate we had been. How many cubes long do you think your shoe might be?

Our PE lessons help us to be strong and healthy!


Redberry class do PE every Monday afternoon and most of us are now really good at remembering to bring our PE kits to school. Don't forget, the school PE kit consists of blue shorts or jogging bottoms, a white T-shirt and black plimsolls or trainers (and these must all be named)! In PE at the moment, we are learning about different ways of travelling. Last week, we moved sideways like crabs, on all fours like polar bears, and we waddled like penguins. We are also learning about what happens to our bodies when we exercise. We have discovered that we get hot and sweaty and that our hearts start to beat faster. Do you know why?

The Little Red Hen


This week, Redberry class have been learning the story of The Little Red Hen. They have worked together to act out the story and they have also learned a rap! During group time, they have sequenced the main events from the story and they have also drawn beautiful representations of the main characters. On Friday, they thought carefully about what the little red hen looked like and ripped paper to make feathers for her body. I hope you like looking at our pictures!



At the moment, we are learning all about ourselves. At the start of the week, we read an information book called 'The Body' and we were really interested by the section on the human skeleton. We identified some of the bones in our body, including our skull, our ribs and our spine, and we thought about what they could be for. We then did a bit of research online and found out that the human skeleton is made up of 206 bones! Towards the end of the week, we read 'Funnybones', which we loved! We then decided to have a go at making our own skeleton pictures using craft straws. We hope you like them!