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Look at some of our work

Our learning journey has been all about 'Living Things'. 

We painted some pictures of animals. We tried hard to think about the colours we were using.

We have been using the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears for our learning.

We have been telling the story, making puppets, reading and writing instructions, making and tasting porridge, learning a rap and a Goldilocks song. We used wax crayons to draw pictures of bears. Have a look at our pictures!

Mathematics - Ordering Numbers

This week we have been lots of work about recognising numbers and putting them in order. We have been recognising numbers to five, or ten or twenty. We have been putting numbers in order. If we have been able to get numbers in the correct order we have been using non-consecutive numbers and put them in order too. We did this in lots of different ways. We particularly enjoyed using the Ipads.

Here is the link to the website...have a go ordering numbers at home. Please talk to your child to help extend their understanding. We have been using these words; more than, one more than, the next number, after, bigger number, smaller number, more than and less than.

Have fun!

This week we have been celebrating Bonfire Night.

We listened to the story of Guy Fawkes and his plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. We talked about the things families do to celebrate Bonfire Night like eating special food, spending time together as a family to watch fireworks and so on.

We focused on keeping safe. Only adults can light fireworks. you must stand well back from fireworks and bonfires. You must never touch fireworks. You must listen to adults and do what you are told. 

We did some firework dancing. We needed to be like Reciprocal Ant and work as a team. Our dancing helped us think about our school value 'Enjoyment'...it was good fun!

We did some reading and writing jobs all about fireworks too! We made sure we were just like Resilient Rhino...we keep on trying and never give up!

In the Foundation Unit we have been celebrating Diwali!

We talked about celebrations and what sorts of things we do to celebrate. We celebrate birthdays, Christmas, Eid, Diwali, bonfire night, Easter, Chinese New Year, a baby being born and lots of other things. We talked about how all families celebrate but that we may not celebrate the same things. 

As a class we have been celebrating Diwali. It is the Hindu festival of light. We talked about the different things we could do at school to celebrate Diwali. We decided to make Diwlai bunting to decorate our classroom. We did some Diwali dancing. We made Diwali cards. We used clay to make Divas. We worked as a team to make some Diwali sweets. Our week celebrating Diwali helped us to think about our school value 'Diversity'. Our week also reflected our value 'Enjoyment'...we really enjoyed celebrating Diwali together. 'Pride'...we took pride in decorating our classroom. 'Perseverance'...we persevered using the scissors to cut out the bunting.  

Windmills for the Little Red Hen

We talked about the Little Red Hen taking her wheat to the windmill for it to be ground into flour. We investigated how we could build a windmill using blocks and card. We reminded ourselves how to keep safe when using scissors.

During the week we designed our own windmills and built them for the Little Red Hen. We worked independently and helped each other when we needed to. Mrs Leafe was very proud of us. She said we were just like Reciprocal Ant...working as a team!

The Little Red Hen

We have been learning all about the Little Red Hen! We are great at telling the story. We thought about what she looked like and used different materials to make our own little red hens! We used scissors and split pins...it was quite tricky, but we remembered our school value 'perseverance' and made sure that we tried our best and did not give up! We were just like Resilient Rhino! Look at our photos to see how well we did!



At the moment, our learning journey is all about ourselves. At the start of the week, we read an information book called 'The Body' and we were really interested by the section on the human skeleton. We identified some of the bones in our body, including our skull, our ribs and our spine, and we thought about what they could be for.  Towards the end of the week, we read 'Funnybones', which we loved! We then decided to have a go at making our own skeleton pictures using craft straws. We hope you like them!

We made sure we were like 'Resilient Rhino' - We had to keep on trying and never give up! We showed great perseverance. Perseverance is one of our school values.

Mrs Leafe and Mrs Wilson were very pleased with our hard work. They said we tried our best to cut with scissors. They were also very impressed with us because we showed them we were taking responsibility for our own learning and made sure we did the best we could.