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We are superhero readers!

In Laurel class we have a new book corner. We can come and share books, comics and catalogues with our friends. Batman and Superman are here too and we can read books to them! 

We can dress up as superheroes too! Which is your favourite book? Can you tell your friend a story? Look in some of the information books and see what you can find out!

If we keep on reading and enjoy lots of books and stories we will be even better learners! We are just like Resilient Rhino, Reflective Owl, Resourceful Squirrel and Reciprocal Ant!

#Confidence  #Pride  #Creativity  #Enjoyment  #Perseverance  #Aspiration  #Responsibility  #Diversity

Forest Schools

This term we have been learning at Forest School. We have experienced different resources and even used some real tools. We have met new adults, Susie and Sarah, and built up relationships with them. We have had lots of opportunities to share and take turns with our friends.

Have a look at our photos!

#Confidence  #Pride  #Creativity  #Enjoyment  #Perseverance  #Aspiration  #Responsibility  #Diversity

Christmas Bingo Boards

We used our phonics to create our own Christmas bingo boards. We are all working really hard and our writing has improved so much over the term! Mrs Leafe has some exciting activities instore for us for the Spring term. 

Keep reading and writing at home to help you get even better. Remember to say what you want to write, then use your phonics to help you spell and read your writing to check it. Also remember we have been working on using finger spaces and some adjectives too.

#perseverance  #pride  #aspiration  #enjoyment  #confidence

Brushing Buddies

Laurel Class have been working hard to look after their teeth. We brush our teeth daily for two minutes. We all have our own tooth brush and we know which number it is. Our teachers make sure our tooth brushes are clean and stored safely. If ever we drop our toothbrush our teachers make sure we get a new one straight away. We work as a team and help each other. For example someone gives out the paper towels, someone fetches the timer, someone fetches the big set of teeth to remind us how to brush. It is good fun and helps to keep us healthy.

#Confidence  #Pride  #Creativity  #Enjoyment  #Perseverance  #Aspiration  #Responsibility  #Diversity



Bonfire Night!

We have been celebrating bonfire night. We learnt about the story of Guy Fawkes. He tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. He was caught and the King was saved!

We did firework dancing and read firework words and poems. We wrote about fireworks too. 

We have been Resilient Rhino - trying our best and never giving up. #Aspiration  #Perseverance  #Pride

Exploring repeating patterns

Laurel Class have spent time exploring repeating patterns. Remember, a repeating pattern has to have the same pattern again and again and again!

What comes next...

red blue red blue red blue red ?

clap tap clap tap clap tap ?

green green black green green black green ?

Can you carry on the patterns? Can you create your own repeating pattern?

Be like Resilient Rhino 'Try your best, never give up'.




Try these patterns!

Laurel Class began exploring with Numicon!

We really enjoyed using the small sets of Numicon. We  looked at the different pieces and talked about them. We found which shape was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Which piece do you like best? Why?

We started to talk about numbers and used words like; more, less, bigger than, smaller than, one more and one less.

#Enjoyment #Perseverance


We have had great fun using these tools and materials. We talked about what we were going to do first and planned our ideas in our heads. Then we had to concentrate and persevere to make sure we completed our designs. When we had finished our work we made sure we put everything back ready for our friends to use - 'Choose it - Use it - Put it away'. Look at the photographs...can you talk about them? What's the same? What's different? Perhaps some of us will be designers when we grow up! We are very proud of our work and really wanted photographs to remind us about this learning.


#Enjoyment  #Creativity  #Perseverance  #Responsibility  #Diversity  #Aspiration  #Pride

Our Learning Journey is Magic Me!

We are all magic, special and unique. We have been learning about our bodies. We read an information book about bodies and we saw some x rays of a body and could see the bones inside. We ready a story about skeletons too. It was called 'Funnybones'. We have been learning a song too. It is called 'I'm a miracle'! We have been working as a team to sing this song really well! Reciprocal Ant is one of our learning characters and he likes to see team work. When we work well as a team we can earn class credits.

Well done Laurel Class...you have been working well as a team and have got 20 class credits ticked off. Remember when we get 100 class credits we will get a class reward!!

Look at our fantastic art work! We created our own skeletons!

#Pride  #Confidence  #Creativity  #Enjoyment  #Perseverance  #Responsibility  #Aspiration  #Diversity