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This half term, we will be continuing to work through the Maths No Problem! curriculum for Year 5. We will be covering several different areas of maths.



  • types of angles
  • measuring and drawing angles
  • angles on a line and in shapes
  • regular polygons

Position and Movement

  • plotting coordinates
  • describing and performing translations and reflections


  • converting between units of length, mass and time
  • reading temperature including negative numbers
  • calculating area, perimeter and volume

Roman Numerals

  • reading and writing Roman Numerals to 1000


How can I support my child in maths?


In addition to their morning sessions, the children also have a 20-minute focused fluency session. Your child has been allocated a specific times table to learn. Please support your child to help them learn their multiplication tables at home. Each Thursday, they will bring home the weekly morning maths sheet that they have been working on. Please spend some time revising the question types they have been working on in preparation for their arithmetic test on Friday.