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In Maths, we will continue following Maths no problem! You will be invited into school to see this in action on the morning of 4th May 2017! You will have the opportunity to come and join in the maths lesson with your child.


We will begin the term looking at Money. We will be looking at writing amounts of money correctly, then comparing and rounding different amounts and finally solving different problems involving money. We will then be looking at mass, volume and length, making sure that we can measure accurately using a suitable unit of measure. 

In Spring 2, we will begin looking at working out the area of figures, we will then look at geometry, we will be comparing angles, classifying shapes and looking at symmetry! Next we will be learning about position and movement, describing position and movement and plotting points. Finally, we will finish the year recapping Roman Numerals, making sure we can write Roman Numerals up to 100.