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Special Events

17th July

Forest School


On Monday, we were invited to a short Forest School session at the local Sure Start Centre. Whilst we were there, we got the chance to peel and eat carrots, dig for treasure, build dens, and fashion crowns out of leaves and lavender. We also enjoyed looking at the plants and flowers in the Sure Start garden and spotting bumble bees and butterflies.

3rd July

A Visit from our Local Dentists


On Monday, we had a visit from our local dentists. They came to tell us like what it is like at their surgery and then we got to play lots of games. We got to brush the dirt off some huge teeth - we had to brush hard for 2 minutes until the sand timer ran out! We also got to look at different types of food and decide whether they were good or bad for our teeth. We looked at Billy's healthy teeth and Bobby's unhealthy teeth. Bobby needed a filling so we helped the dentist give him one. We also got to pretend we worked in the dentist surgery and dressed up as the dentist, the dental nurse, the patient, the receptionist and the tooth fairy. We had a lovely afternoon and enjoyed finding out about how to care for our teeth properly.

30th June

Circuit Training


As part of Sports Week, the whole school took part in a circuit training event. The instructors showed us the different routines, including a special jump called the 'spotty dog', press ups and star jumps. We all tried really hard and were absolutely exhausted by the end! Well done, Redberry!

27th June

Our Trip to Nottingham Castle


On Tuesday, Redberry went to Nottingham Castle. In the morning, we participated in a workshop called 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside' where we learned about what it was like going to the seaside 100 years ago and 50 years ago. We got to try on different outfits and we particularly liked looking at the swimming costumes! They are very different to what we wear to the beach today! We then got to choose some activities, including drawing shells, writing postcards, dressing up in costumes, acting out a Punch and Judy puppet show, digging in the sand and looking at beach photos. After lunch, we got to play on the castle play-park and then we explored the Robin Hood gallery, where we got to dress up, pretend to have a medieval banquet, read books and found about the castle. We also explored the Castle grounds and enjoyed going on nature trail, looking for different plants, flowers and animals. Thank you to all of the parents who came on trip who helped to make it such a lovely day out and well done to Redberry for your beautiful behaviour!

26th June


As part of Sports Week, we had a special visit from Leah and her dance team. They taught us some really fun Zumba dances and we had so much fun trying to join in!

24th March

Red Nose Day


On Friday, it was Comic Relief and in order to raise money for this really worthwhile cause, all the children in Redberry came to school wearing red clothes or a funny red nose! We talked about why we were raising money and what our donations could be spent on. We sang the Red Nose Day song and designed our own red noses! We also bought delicious cakes from the Comic Relief Cake Sale. Thank you to all of our grown ups for their really generous donations and for helping to make the day so fantastic!

21st March

Sikhism Workshop


On Tuesday, Redberry had the chance to take part in a very exciting Sikhism workshop. When we arrived in the Yellow Hall, which had been transformed into a Sikh temple for the day, we were asked to remove our shoes, cover our heads and wash our hands as a sign of respect. The girls then sat on one side of the temple and the boys sat on the other side. We listened carefully and learned so much about Sikhism. A little Sikh puppet taught us that there are 5 important symbols in Sikhism: Kesh (uncut hair), Kirpan (ceremonial sword), Kara (steel bracelet), Kangha (comb) and Kachhera (shorts). We enjoyed looking at pictures of the Gurus and we watched an interesting video, filmed inside a Sikh temple in Nottingham.

10th March

Our Trip to Perlethorpe


On Friday, despite forecasts of heavy rain, Redberry Class ventured on a trip to Perlethorpe Outdoor Education Centre. We made sure we were wrapped up in our warmest clothes and shoes, ready for a day in the countryside! We had a wonderful time re-enacting some of our favourite traditional tales and exploring the great outdoors!

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Perlethorpe - Part 1


We spent the morning in the woods where we made friends with some lovely cuddly animals. The animals were very scared because they'd heard that Foxy Loxy was on the prowl, looking for some lunch! So Redberry decided to build dens for the animals to help keep them safe. We hunted through the undergrowth looking for twigs and branches to construct our dens from, and leaves and pine cones to camouflage the animals with. After we had built our dens, we had fun using the woodlands obstacle course!

Perlethorpe - Part 2


After lunch, we spotted signs of some pigs at work in the forest so we followed Keith to see if we could find out what they were up to! We found three little houses made of straw, sticks and bricks, and we also bumped into three pigs and a big, bad wolf. We really impressed Keith with our story-telling skills and with how well we could huff and puff! As we left the forest, we also bumped into three billy goats gruff who were being terrorized by a fearsome troll. Luckily, we were able to scare him off!

Friday 3rd March

World Book Day


In Redberry, we LOVE reading so it was wonderful to have the opportunity to dress up as our favourite story-book or comic-book characters for the day. We spent the day reading and talking about our favourite books and we also discovered some new books, too. In the afternoon, we enjoyed kidnapping some of our parents and making them read with us! Thank you to all of our grown-ups for helping us to look so fantastic and for making World Book Day such a success!

Friday 10th February

Teddy Bears' Picnic


On Friday, Redberry's teddy bears decided to come down the the FSU for a teddy bears' picnic and they had a fantastic day! Redberry were a little bit worried that their bears were going to get lost, so they drew pictures of their bears and made them name labels. When Redberry's tummies started to rumble, we made paw-shaped shortbread biscuits and bear-shaped jam sandwiches for the picnic. The bears had a great day out and were beautifully behaved!

Chinese New Year

Food Tasting Session


We have been learning all about Chinese New Year recently. We researched the topic online, using information books, and by watching videos about Chinese children. We found out that, as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, Chinese people get together with their friends and families to enjoy delicious Chinese food together. We decided to have our own celebration at school and we enjoyed tasting prawn crackers, boiled rice and egg fried rice, noodles and sweet and sour sauce. It was all so tasty!

Saturday 17th December

Miss Bassett's Wedding


Over the Christmas holiday, the Foundation Stage Team went to see Miss Bassett marry Mr Johnson! Don't forget that she will be called Mrs Johnson when we come back to school!

Wednesday 14th December

White Post Farm


On Wednesday, Redberry Class boarded a double decker bus and set off on a Christmas adventure to White Post Farm! We had a super day out, meeting and learning about lots of different animals. We even got to feed some very greedy sheep, llama and goats! Some of us were a bit shocked when the goats licked our fingers! We all washed our hands with lots of soap and hot water before we ate our lunch, to make sure there were no goaty germs on our fingers! We also got to meet Santa who was very impressed by our beautiful manners. We have all made it on to his 'Nice' list this year and so he made a note of what we would like in our stockings. At the end of the day, we worked with Laurel Class to perform a Nativity play. We got a super round of applause at the end for our super acting and singing. Well done!

Children in Need


On Friday 18th November, our school was raising money for Children in Need. Lots of us donated £1 and came to school wearing spots or Pudsey Bear t-shirts! We enjoyed buying special Children in Need cakes, bookmarks and key rings, and we thought about those children around the world who are less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you to your Mummies and Daddies for helping us raise so much money for such a good cause!


Our Class Wedding!


This half-term we are learning all about celebrations and, over the last 2 weeks, we have been investigating weddings. During one of our Literacy lessons, we discovered that Prince Charming was madly in love with Cinderella and that he really wanted to marry her! We helped the Prince to write a love letter to her, which said, 'Will you marry me?'. Cinderella was over the moon and said yes! But she was a little nervous because she had never been to a wedding before. She had heaps of questions so Redberry put on their thinking hats and helped Prince Charming to make her an information book. We researched on the internet and in information books, and we also asked Mrs Keeling and the Fairy Godmother for help (because they are both married)! Cinderella asked us if us all brides wear white and we loved looking at pictures of brides from all around the world. We particularly loved the rainbow dress worn by some brides in Ghana, and the very decorative outfit worn by many brides in Mongolia! To finish our wedding topic, we decided to hold our own wedding at school and we all wore our smartest outfits for the day. We enjoyed walking down the aisle, throwing confetti and eating wedding cake! Yum!

The Teddy Bear Hospital


Last half-term in Redberry we were learning all about ourselves and how our bodies work. We read Funnybones and lots of information books, and we also watched Dr Ranj treat some of his patients at his 'Get Well Soon' clinic. Unfortunately, over the half-term holiday our teddy bears all became ill and some of them even had such horrible accidents that they broke their arms and legs! We thought we had better call in some doctors so that they could help our bears get better (and also so we could show off how much we knew about the human body)! The doctors were really impressed that we could describe how our hearts work and why exercise is so important. The also couldn't believe how many bones in the body we could name! Well done, Redberry. I wonder how many of you will become doctors or nurses when you grow up?

Our Trip to Green's Windmill


On Wednesday 12th October, Redberry boarded a coach and set off for Green's Windmill in Sneinton. We were very excited to see the windmill where The Little Red Hen from our story had ground her wheat into flour. We climbed the steps to the top of the windmill very carefully and listened well to Andy, the trainee miller. He pointed out the cogs and showed us how the oil from these was running down the inside walls of the windmill. We each got to hold grains of wheat but none of us could crush them with our fingers! It's lucky that there are very heavy stones at the windmill to do this for us! Around the windmill we spotted the main characters and features from The Little Red Hen story - what or who can you spot? Next, we met Ray, the baker. She talked to us about how bread is made and we had the chance to knead and mould our dough. When she baked our rolls in the oven, they smelled delicious. We had a great day out and we are so grateful to the parents who came to help us stay safe on our trip! 

Our First Week in Redberry Class!


We have all had a wonderful first week in Redberry Class, exploring our new classroom and making lots of brand new friends! We have begun to get to grips with our school rules and we have all earned lots of shiny stickers and Bee Stars! We all looked super smart and grown-up in our school uniforms and we loved our first school dinner experience. Hopefully our parents did, too! Well done, Redberry Class - we are going to have a fabulous year together!