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Special Events

Forest School

Laurel Class had great fun trying out Forest School in the Children's Centre garden.

We peeled carrots! We had to concentrate and make sure we were keeping safe with the sharp peelers.

We worked as a team to do den building...making our own shade to keep us safe in the sun.

We designed our own crowns and explored the garden area.

Sports Week - Circuits with a double world champion!

Sports Week - Zumba Dancing

Laurel had a fantastic day at Nottingham Castle!

On Tuesday 27th June 2017 Laurel Class went on a visit to Nottingham Castle. It was a great day. All the children made super choices all day and all the adults were very impressed with their excellent behaviour! #pride #responsibility

First we walked up to the castle and looked at it from the outside. It looked enormous! It had very interesting statues and a huge door. We looked around the castle. We visited the long gallery and studied the paintings. We even drew some of our own pictures, just like real artists. We used the paintings to give us ideas. #aspiration

Next we went down lots of steps and enjoyed learning in the 'Hood in the Wood' area. We dressed up, looked at books, pretended to have a banquet and generally investigated. It was great fun. #enjoyment #confidence

After that we walked back down to the play area and had great fun with our friends. 

We were all super sensible eating our lunches. Mrs Leafe said that Mrs Lindsay would be really proud of us too!

In the afternoon we walked back up to the castle and met Helen. She taught us lots and lots about what it was like 100 years ago at the seaside. We dressed up in clothes children would have worn 100 years ago and found out about the sorts of things they would have done at the seaside. All the adults noticed how well we concentrated. #resilience #diversity

Finally, we got back on the bus and returned to school! We made sure we kept safe all day by remembering the things we has learnt in school, for example 'Don't talk to strangers', 'Stay with your adult' and 'Put your seat belt on'. 

Well done Laurel team! You were all brilliant and represented Beeston Fields Primary and Nursery School exceptionally well!

Perlethorpe Environmental Education Centre

Laurel had a great day at Perlethorpe. Mrs Khalil said you all represented our school really well! #proud

You all thought about what you were doing and made good choices #responsibility

You showed super team work creating your dens for the animals #creativity #perseverance

The photos of the day are fantastic and show what fun you had while you were learning #enoyment

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the day. We really appreciate all your help and support!!

Look at our photos and find out about the stories we were telling. See how we created amazing dens for animals. Watch us help each other along the blindfold trail.


New Book Corner!

Laurel Class have been working as a team to create our new book corner! We have been Reciprocal Ant, sharing ideas, talking about what we could do and showing what super readers we are! Look at the photos to see how fantastic our new book corner looks! #proud

We are all super readers!! Remember to practise reading at home everyday...you will become even more super! #confidence #responsibility #perseverance #aspiration

Laurel Class-World Book Day 2017

Laurel Class really enjoyed World Book Day. We dressed up as book characters.  We read lots of different stories. We spent time looking at lots of different books.


Laurel Class had a great day with their teddies!

We looked at each others teddy bears. What's the same? What's different? 

We showed our teddies around the Foundation Unit and taught them how to use everything.

We all made our own sandwich to eat at the picnic. We drew a picture of our teddy too. We looked after our teddies and made sure they were safe and had fun at school.

#enjoyment #creativity #responsibility #pride

Laurel Class have been celebrating Chinese New Year!

We have spent a week celebrating Chinese New Year. We have all learnt so much. We listened to the story about the animals racing and how each year is named after one of the animals. This year is the year of the rooster. We made lucky money envelopes (we used staplers to fasten the edges)! We made dancing dragons using paper and sticks. We used the internet and books to find out more about Chinese New Year. (We talked about how it is very important to keep safe using the internet and we must only ever go on the internet with an adult helping us.) 

Laurel Class were authors! We wrote our own story called 'We're going on a dragon hunt'. We acted it out in the hall. We took our own copy home and drew the pictures...so we were illustrators too!

We were also artists...we sketched Chinese lanterns!

We worked as a team to tell the story of Nian...ask us about it!

We read words and sentences about dragons.

Laurel Class were musicians - we used instruments to create music for our Chinese dragon to dance to.

We even tasted Chinese food.

What an exciting week! Kung Hei Fat Choi! (That's happy new year in Chinese...we learnt how to say this!!)

Look at our photos to see some of this work.

#school values - confidence, pride, enjoyment, diversity, creativity, perseverance, aspiration

Christmas Jumper Day!

We enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers and raised money for charity too!

Meeting Santa!

Laurel Class have worked really hard throughout the term. They have been Reciprocal Ant and worked as a team to achieve a hundred class credits.

As a reward Santa came to see us and brought us all presents! We had a great party with our friends and really enjoyed seeing Santa!

Happy Christmas everyone!


Our Wedding Day!

We had a great day pretending to be at a wedding. Look at our super wedding outfits! We had made wedding cakes, bouquets of flowers and lucky horse shoes. We all pretended to get married. It was a great celebration!

Children in Need (November 2016)

We had great fun coming to school dressed in spotty clothes. We donated money to help Pudsey Bear help other children who are not as fortunate as we are.

Remembrance Day 11th November 2016

Laurel Class found out about Remembrance Day. We talked about remembering and showing respect for soldiers who have died or been injured doing their job and working hard to keep us safe. We looked at pictures of poppies, monuments, parades and other things. we say a song to help us to remember and never forget. At 11am we had a minutes silence and thought about soldiers who had died and said thank you that we are safe. We cut out poppies and wore them.

Teddy Bear Hospital

On Wednesday 19th October the Teddy Bear Hospital came to visit Laurel Class! We all brought our teddy bears to school. We had different work stations to visit with our teddies. At one we learnt about exercise and how our hearts beat and pump the blood around our bodies. At another work station we used our senses. We had to feel things with blind folds on and smell small pots and guess what it was. Another work station had doctors instruments like stethoscopes. We thought about what was making our teddies ill and worked what we could do to help them. We put them in an X ray machine to find out if their bones were ok. At the final work station we worked as a team to put a skeleton puzzle together and named the bones.

Mrs Leafe said that we represented Beeston Fields really well. We took responsibility for ourselves and our teddies. We showed that we had pride in our classroom and school by looking after everything. We thought about our aspirations. Some of us would like to be doctors when we grow up. We showed perseverance because we concentrated really well at all the work stations and did good looking and good listening for the whole session. And we certainly enjoyed ourselves!!

Our first visit out of school!

On Thursday 13th October Laurel Class went on a bus and visited Green's Windmill in Sneinton. Mrs Leafe and Mrs Keeling were really proud of us all because we represented Beeston Fields really well. We made sure that we listened carefully and tried our best to answer the questions we were asked. We went up and down the steps in the windmill really carefully and we all showed confidence to try our best with this. We persevered with all the steps...and there were lots of them! They were steep too!

We made some bread using the flour the Little Red Hen had made. We rolled, pressed, stretched and shaped our dough.

We had a great morning and enjoyed parents coming to help. Thank you!

Laurel Class working hard in their first PE lesson.

We had a super lesson. Everyone tried really hard to get themselves changed. We moved around the hall looking for spaces and making sure we didn't bump into each other.  We sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and then made shapes like stars. Next we listened to some star music. After that we created our own star dances using the movements we had been developing. We were fantastic dancers!

At the end we enjoyed dancing with beanbags.

Mrs Leafe and Mrs Wilson were really proud of us and thought we did great learning. Well done Laurel Team!

Our first week in Laurel Class

We had a super first week in our new class. Mrs Leafe was very impressed with our learning and was very pleased to see that we were happy and hard working. We are already learning our new class routines and expectations. We have all taken responsibility for things like; holding the door open, opening and closing the curtains, giving out the the milk and pressing play and stop on the CD player. We made sure we took responsibility for our jumpers and cardigans too. We put them in our trays to keep them safe. We also tried our best to make sure we did good looking, good listening and good sitting. This really helps us to do 'good learning'. 

We all wore our school uniform and looked really smart. We are all taking pride in our uniform. We are already getting to know each other and are making lots of friends. Mrs Leafe says we have really tried our best to share and take turns...we are taking responsibility for what we do and say.

We had a great week and Mrs Leafe is proud of us all. We are sure our parents are very proud of us too!