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Special Events

Our Visit to Perlethorpe

We had a fantastic day at Perlethorpe, outdoor environmental education center. We explored the woodland and built dens for some woodland animals. They were toy animals and we had to make sure we took the dens down afterwards so that no real animals went in and got trapped or injured. We walked through the woodland with our leader, Simon, and he told us stories and we helped him by acting out parts of the story.

We had a lovely packed lunch in the classrooms and we made sure we looked after the classrooms and tidied up all our rubbish. We travelled there and back by coach and we made sure we were safe by having our seat belts on and listening carefully to instructions. 

Thank you very much to all the adults who came to help us!

#responsibility  #pride  #creativity  #diversity  #aspiration  #perseverance  #enjoyment  #confidence

Easter Bonnet Parade

Thank you all so very much for the fantastic effort you put into all the children's Easter bonnets. They looked superb! We hope you all enjoyed our singing in the hall. Well done to all the children for showing confidence, standing on the stage and performing to the audience. It was a real demonstration of all of our school values!!

#pride  #creativity  #confidence  #responsibility  #aspiration  #diversity  #enjoyment

Teddy Bear Hospital

Laurel Class thoroughly enjoyed learning about how to look after their bodies!  They learnt about the importance of exercise, healthy eating, x-rays and how to keep their bones healthy and they also made their own Doctor's bag.  Great enjoyment and great learning with their teddies!

#diversity #responsibility

Laurel Class have enjoyed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) week

We have been investigators. Super Spuddy came to school this week and watched us investigating. We have been looking at how things grow and change. What is the same? What is different?

We have looked at seeds and set up investigations to find out how they grow and what they need to grow best.

We made our own Bug Hotels and took them home to set up in our gardens. Remember to look in your bug hotel and see if any bugs have come to visit.

We worked as a team to make our own bubble mixture. We went outside with our bubble wands and made some bubbles.

On Friday our parents were invited in to enjoy a story with us and make our own ocean in a bottle.

We have had a great week and learnt lots!

#Confidence  #Pride  #Creativity  #Enjoyment  #Perseverance  #Aspiration  #Responsibility  #Diversity 

White Post Farm come to school!

Today our friends at White Post Farm brought in a range of animals for our children to handle and learn about.  They had the opportunity to hold Guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, bearded dragons and also ssssssnakes!  What an amazing and enjoyable learning experience for all our children. The children showed great interest and listened very carefully to Mark and Lauren. They also demonstrated to us that they understand about looking after animals and took care when holding them! We could see them growing in confidence as each animal came out of the cages. Well done children...we are very proud of you!

#Pride  #Diversity  #Confidence  #Responsibility

Laurel and Redberry's Act of Kindness

We thought it would be kind to share our Christmas songs with some other people in our community. So we arranged to walk to a local nursing home and sang to the residents and the staff. The staff thank us very much and said they would like to see us again. We enjoyed singing our Christmas songs and Mrs Leafe with very impressed with our super effort walking there and back.

#Confidence  #Pride  #Creativity  #Enjoyment  #Perseverance  #Aspiration  #Responsibility  #Diversity

Laurel Class had a super Christmas party with all their friends in the Foundation Unit

#Confidence  #Pride  #Creativity  #Enjoyment  #Perseverance  #Aspiration  #Responsibility  #Diversity

What a fantastic end to our first term in F2/Reception!

To conclude our learning about Christmas we went on a trip to White Post Farm!

It was a fantastic day! The children represented Beeston Fields really well #pride #responsibility.

We saw so may different animals and were able to hold, stroke and feed them! #diversity #confidence.

Some of us thought we might like to look after animals when we grow up #aspiration.

We took part in a nativity play with children from other schools #diversity #enjoyment #confidence #creativity.

It was great fun playing on the park with our friends #enjoyment #confidence #responsibility.

Throughout the day we made sure we were safe. We put our seat belts on on the bus. We stayed with the adults who were looking after us. We made sure we didn't talk to any strangers. We listened to what adults said to us about keeping safe. we washed our hands after we had touched the animals. #responsibility

It was a long day and we were tired by the end but we kept on going and enjoyed the whole day and learnt so much! #perseverance

Well done Laurel team...you were fantastic and we are all proud of you!

Celebrating Diwali

This week Laurel Class have been celebrating Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. We talked about celebrations and how families celebrate different things. We used the internet to find out about Diwali. If you want to remind yourself about Diwali please use the links in our curriculum section of our class page.

On Friday Laurel Class worked as a team, just like Reciprocal Ant, to plan a Diwali party. This was our plan:

1. Clean the classroom

2. Decorate the classroom

3. Get dressed in special clothes

4. Make special food

5. Mehndi patterns

6. Give cards and presents

7. Dancing and party games

8. Fireworks

Then we acted out our plan. Cleaning the classroom and making the special biscuits were the most popular things to do! We really enjoyed celebrating as a class!

#Confidence  #Pride  #Creativity  #Enjoyment  #Perseverance  #Aspiration  #Responsibility  #Diversity

Forest Schools

Laurel Class were fantastic explorers and investigators at Forest School. 

Our Class Assembly!

We had a great time sharing our learning all about the Little Red Hen and Autumn. Laurel and Redberry Class told the story of the Little Red Hen, we shared the Red Hen rap and taught our parents how to make bread. then we sang our Autumn songs!

Thank you for coming to watch us. Our confidence is growing and we already have a lot of learning to look back on with pride. 

We are looking forward to sharing more learning with you next half term!

#Confidence  #Pride  #Creativity  #Enjoyment  #Perseverance  #Aspiration  #Responsibility  #Diversity

Laurel Class go on a visit out of school...on a bus!

We visited Green's Windmill in Sneinton. We had a fantastic time travelling there on a bus. We really enjoyed sitting and looking out of the windows and talking to our friends.

We saw the windmill...it was enormous!! We found out how the wind turns the sails and makes the huge stones turn and the wheat is ground into flour. We impressed Andy because we all knew the story of the Little Red Hen really well.

We used some of the Little Red Hen's flour to make some bread.

Mrs Leafe and Mrs Khalil were very impressed with how we took responsibility for ourselves and represented Beeston Fields Primary and Nursery School very well. We showed great confidence and perseverance climbing up and down all the stairs in the windmill. Ray, who helped us make the bread, also commented on our confidence.

Well done Laurel Team! You are really showing how to take responsibility for yourself and make good choices. Your confidence has grown enormously and you represented our school very well. You made us all feel proud! 

Thank you so very much to all the parents and grandparents who came to help us and made our morning so successful.

#Confidence  #Pride  #Creativity  #Enjoyment  #Perseverance  #Aspiration  #Responsibility  #Diversity

Brushing Buddies

Laurel Class have started brushing their teeth at school. We know it is important to look after our teeth. We brush our teeth for two minutes. #Responsibility

Laurel Class walked to Beeston library!

Laurel Class had a great afternoon. We walked all the way to Beeston library (that's a long way when you are four years old, or just turned five!) We met Steve, the librarian. He read us a funny story about skeletons and we all laughed. He talked to us about the books and what we could do. He showed us how to check our books out. We all chose two books to take home with us. We all have library cards now! So we can visit the library with our families and borrow more books. Mrs Leafe says "Well done Laurel team!  You represented Beeston Fields Primary school  really well." Remember you need to return your books. You can keep them for three weeks.

Thank you very very much to all the parents who came with us. Your support is greatly appreciated and the children loved having you join us.

#Pride  #Responsibility  #Aspiration  #Perseverance

PE in the blue hall

Laurel Class has a great time working in the blue hall. We explored different ways of travelling like hopping, jumping, skipping, jogging, marching and tiptoeing. We made sure we looked for spaces so that we didn't bump in to anyone. We concentrated and tried our best!

#Responsibility #Enjoyment #Perseverance #Aspiration

Our first few weeks in Laurel Class.

We have been learning so much during our first few weeks in Laurel Class. We have been exploring and investigating the environment, inside and outside. We have been learning all about our school and class values - Confidence  Pride  Creativity  Enjoyment  Perseverance  Aspiration  Responsibility  Diversity.

Mrs Leafe and Mrs Khalil have been very impressed with the good choices we have been making and we have all been awarded lots of Bee Stars already.

Have a look at our photos and talk to us about the things we have been doing and learning.

What a great start to our first year in big school. We are going to learn so much and be just like Resilient Rhino - 'Always try your best and never give up'!