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The week beginning 13.3.17 was STEM week at Beeston Fields.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths.

Our whole school topic this year was 'Water'.

In year one we found out about waterproof materials. We wanted to make an umbrella for Teddy to stop him from getting wet when it rained. We tested different materials to see which would be best for the job.

To help us with our investigation we had to learn about:

  • different materials
  • properties of materials
  • fair testing


We also explored floating and sinking, by predicting whether different objects would float or sink, then testing them in a water tray to see if we were right.


At the end of our week, parents were invited to come into school and find out what we have been learning about. We had a great time, even if we did get a bit wet!

You can see some photos in our Photo Gallery.