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The Fairground

Our topic started with a video message from a mysterious stranger.  It was the owner of a fairground asking us to consider the pros and cons of holding a fair in the school playground!


We had a big discussion about the rides and games we would expect to see at a fair.  We designed colourful posters using water colours and made our own skill games to test the steadiness of our hands.  These shakey-hand testers allowed us to use our knowledge of building circuits.


At the end of our topic, we visited a real-life fairground and even got to try some rides!  This inspired us to hold our own fair-themed open afternoon in the classroom, complete with minty mushy peas.  

In English, we wrote radio adverts for imaginary rides.  You can listen to them below.  

The Stirring Waltzers

The Crashing, Bashing Dodgems

The Rickety Rollercoaster

The Dangerous Dodgems

The Dangerous Dodgems

The World's Scariest Ride

The Bashing Bumper Cars

The Stirring Waltzers

The Dungeons of Doom

Dangerous Dodgems

The Death Coaster

Dungeons of Death.wmv

Still image for this video