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Year 1



Descriptions of superheroes, Comic Strips, Narrative, Fact Files, Labels and Captions.

PE –

Superhero Action Movements; Dance; Agility and Strength.

Art & Design-

Drawing and Modelling Superheroes


Downloading Photographs and Images; Animation, drawing /painting superheroes through time.


Super foods; Mask-making


Historical Heroes/Heroines


Creating Superhero Sounds


Relationships, Recognising Good and Bad Choices; Keeping Safe; Making a Positive Contribution


Human Body - Parts and Senses; Eating Healthily; Working Scientifically


Christianity and Living in Harmony: How do we show we care? Comparing places of worship

Super Hero Hunt – Dress up and see how many heroes you can find!

Harvest Festival

Local Area Trips

Spring 1

During the Spring term we are looking at Bright Lights, Big City. In this topic we will be looking at our capital city, London and famous landmarks.

We will be looking at:

Buckingham Palace,

St. Paul's cathedral,

Houses of Parliament,

Chelsea Hospital etc.


For Art & D.T, the children will be creating their own London landmark through box modelling.

For our final outcome, we will be hosting a open afternoon where our parents can come in and can look at the work we have been doing.


Spring 2

Our topic for this term is Memory box. We will be sharing our memories from the past and create memory boxes which we will fill with all the things we remember. 

We will be focusing on  Jack and the Beanstalk and Dogger during this term. 

Our final outcome will be a fairy tale story which we have adapted and improved in order to show our creative thinking.

We will have a visitor in who will talk about the changed in toys over time.