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Our topic work this half term is going to focus on what happens inside us! We will be exploring our skeletons and learning about what our bones are for. We will then be looking at our digestive systems and how it works. 

We will also be looking at keeping our body healthy focusing on sun safety, the effects of drugs and alcohol and exercise, its effect on the body and why we need to do it to keep healthy. 

We will finish our topic with a trip to the Thinktank in Birmingham on Monday 22nd May 2017.


After the half-term the topic will be Italy! We will be looking at the geographical features of Italy, making sure we can locate places on a map. We will be learning to present data we find in graphs. We will be learning about volcanoes and making our own! We will finish the topic by designing and making our own pizzas! You will be invited in to try our masterpieces on Thursday 20th July 2017 



Sports week will be on the week beginning 26th June 2017.