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Useful Information


What do I need to bring to school?

  • Bookbag 
  • Water bottle (water only please, no juice)
  • PE kit (Laurel Class have PE on Thursday)
  • A smile :)
    Book Bag                              

How can I look after my belongings?

  • Make sure your clothes have your name in them. Coats and jumpers are easily lost if they have no name in them.
  • Hang your coat on your peg.
  • Put your book bag and water bottle in their places when you get to school.



What will I do in Laurel Class?

You will...

  • make friends
  • share and take turns with friends
  • choose your own learning
  • do lots of group activities
  • learn how to be part of a team
  • learn about books and stories
  • learn to tell stories and act out stories
  • paint, draw and make models
  • learn about numbers and counting
  • learn about shapes, money, measuring and other mathematics
  • make your own choices
  • use lots of different things like sand, water, games, bikes, scooters, jigsaws, puppets, books, whiteboards, pens, crayons, scissors, glue, toy animals, cars, trains and lots of other things!
  • learn all about phonics to help you read and write
  • learn to be responsible for yourself and your actions
  • go on visits out of school
  • sing and dance
  • look after our classroom and school
  • have fun!!

What should I do if I am worried about something?

  • Talk to Miss Taylor or Mrs Keeling.
  • We want everyone to be happy.
  • We will help you to make sure you are happy.
  • Talk to your parents too. They need to know if something is worrying you.

Will I have homework?

  • The most important homework you will have is to share stories and books with your parents.
  • We will expect you to practise your reading everyday at home.
  • You will get rewards for reading at home.
  • Other homework jobs will be in your book bag.
  • Miss Taylor and Mrs Keeling are always interested to hear about other things you have done at home.
  • You can bring things in from home (like pictures or 'Wow' notes from your parents) and we will put them in your Learning Journey Folders.