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We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs!

Foundation Stage Unit Sports Day

We had a fab afternoon on sports day. We all tried out best and enjoyed our races. We cheered our teams on really well too!

#proud #enjoyment #perseverance #confidence #confidence #responsibility #diversity

We Love Playing Outside


We have been enjoying exploring all of the new resources in our outside area! We dressed up as pirates and built our own pirate ship. Some of us had to walk the plank and watch out for the shark, crab and jellyfish swimming in the sea! We  worked together as a team to make a den, using the crates to hold down our tarpaulin. We also opened up our very own 'Mud Kitchen' where we enjoyed serving up mud pies and mud-shakes for our friends! We made sure we wore our protective jackets so we didn't get too mucky!

Our Easter Bonnet Parade


On Monday 27th March, the children in the Foundation Stage Unit came to school wearing the most amazing Easter bonnets that they had made at home. We invited our grown-ups into school so they could see us parade in our super hats and listen to the Easter and Spring songs we had been learning. We had a fantastic day and we are so grateful to our grown-ups for helping us to make our fabulous bonnets.

Busy Bee Book Afternoon


We have been working incredibly hard down in the FSU so we thought it would be lovely to invite our grown-ups into school so that we could share our work with them. The FSU was jam-packed with smiling grown-ups and children and everyone seemed so proud of the work we have been doing! Thank you so much for sparing your time and supporting your children!

We read the story 'Peace at Last'. We designed a place for Mr Bear to sleep!

We used our transient art materials. We chose what we wanted to use and thought carefully about where to place things. 

Do you think Mr Bear looks comfortable?

School values #creativity #pride #confidence #enjoyment #perseverance #aspiration #responsibility #diversity

Porridge for Goldilocks and the Three Bears


This week we have been reading 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and we decided to make some porridge of our own. We made sure we washed our hands and put on aprons before we started, so that we didn't spread germs or get our school uniforms dirty. We weighed out our porridge oats very carefully, by using a set of scales and our 50g weights. We knew we had enough porridge when the scales balanced. We then used a measuring jug to measure out the right amount of milk or water. We mixed it all together, added some sugar to make our porridge as sweet as baby bear's, and cooked it on the hob. We stood well back from the hot oven so we didn't burn ourselves and then we blew on our cooked porridge so that we didn't burn our tongues either! We thought the porridge was very tasty and we scraped our bowls clean so that there wasn't any left for greedy Goldilocks to steal! Yummy!

A Miracle in Town - FSU Nativity 2016

The Foundation Unit children represented Beeston Fields Primary and Nursery School superbly well! All the children took responsibility for themselves and tried their very best to perform all the songs, actions and dances we have been learning for our celebration of Christmas 'A Miracle in Town'.

Thank you very much for to all the parents and family members who came to support the children. They loved having an audience!

The children have gained a great deal of confidence throughout this learning and certainly demonstrated enjoyment, which is another of our school values.

Our learning journey is titled 'Let's Celebrate'. We had an excellent day today...we had a wedding!!

Thank you to all our super parents! The children looked fabulous dressed in their wedding outfits. We had made decorations for our wedding room. We had made our own bouquets of flowers and some lucky horse shoes too!

We walked into the wedding room really sensibly and sat on the chairs. We watched a real wedding and then We all pretended to get married. we walked down the isle. It was very exciting! Then we ate the wedding cakes we had made. It enjoyed having confetti thrown over us. It was a great day!

We had made a special wedding dress for Miss Bassett too...because she is getting married in December!!