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What's Eating You?

During the first half of the summer term, our topic is ‘What’s Eating You?’.


This science based topic will give the children the opportunity to explore the organs within the digestive system and their functions, as well as studying the food chains of animals. Additionally, children will be learning how to prepare and cook food safely alongside understanding the key principles of a healthy diet.

The children will be taking part in an exciting visit to Twycross Zoo to compliment their classroom based learning. 

Twycross Zoo


We had a fantastic day of learning at Twycross zoo.  We were very excited to see so many animals up close.  We watched the way they moved, looked at their patterns and find out lots of facts.  There were some very cute baby animals at the zoo too!


We took part in a workshop where we got to see how an animal's teeth can give us clues about their diet.  We created a food web and got to stroke a very friendly snake and cockroach.