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Books 2 Africa

At Beeston Fields, we were lucky enough to have brand new maths textbooks.  This meant that we had lots of maths books we no longer needed.  Instead of putting them in the recycling bin, we decided to see if they could be used by other schools in developing countries.  


We found a charity called Books 2 Africa.  They take educational items, such as old books, and send them to be used in schools in Africa.



We started collecting 2 pence coins so that we could pay for our donation to be delivered to the charity.  
We packed up all our textbooks, including the Teacher guides, into boxes and sellotaped them shut.
We put delivery labels on each box so that they would get to their destination quickly and easily.
The last thing we needed to do was transport the boxes down to the office ready for collection.
We hope that our maths books help children in other countries to enjoy numeracy as much as we do!