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Does a civilisation need strong foundations?

For our second Year 4 enquiry topic, we will be looking at the Ancient Egyptian civilisation.


This history-based topic will give the children the opportunity to discover the religious and agricultural practices of the Egyptian people. We will find out about their beliefs, their art and their engineering skills.


We are Egyptologists!


Oak class made Egyptology scrapbooks, and then we went and explored an Egyptian tomb!  


The hieroglyphics on the stones said not to enter, but we decided to explore it anyway.  Once inside, we were greeted by a priest dressed as the god Anubis.  He mummified one of us! 


We learnt the stages of mummification and saw how organs are put into Canopic jars.  We learnt that the heart of the deceased is weighed against the feather of truth to see whether or not they have had a good life.

Final Outcome Spring

Year 4's Final Outcome for our term looking at Ancient Egypt