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Is it possible to make the perfect draw bridge?


We will be designing and building our own draw bridges using wheels and axles. We will be testing the bridge to see how we can make it stronger and more stable.

To start this enquiry, we will be writing a set of instructions so that others can create the successful draw bridge that we have made.

Keep a look out for our amazing instructions! They will be coming to this page soon! 


Is Nottingham now perfect? 


We will be exploring Nottingham and the changes that have been made over the years. We will be researching the changes with the castle and events like Goose Fair, as well as the local high street and leisure events. We will also be learning about significant people who are from Nottingham, like Jesse Boot.

We will become ‘Nottingham Post’ journalists and will be writing our own newspaper article to report on the changes that have happened across Nottingham. Hopefully, they will be publishing our articles.