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Friday 12th June 2020

As we know, a conclusion is another very important part of our writing. It summarises everything the reader has read and does not include any new information. For instructions, a conclusion reminds the reader what they were creating and how it will look at the end.

Look below at the examples of conclusions for instructions.


If you follow all the instructions carefully then you will have a fresh, cold and colourful drink. Your drink will include the different colours from all the ingredients: a mixture of red, yellow and green. Pour into a tall glass and your disgusting, satisfying, nutritious drink is ready. This smoothie will keep you warm and keep hunger at bay on even the most disastrous day! You will have a happy, healthy day after consuming this magical drink.



Remember that all of these steps must be completed while the dragon is young or they may not work! These instructions can be followed by one person because the dragon is small but as the dragon becomes older, you must have at least two people with you to keep you safe. 

Write your conclusion in the 2do activity on Purplemash.

Deeper Learning challenge: write an explanation that describes the purpose of a conclusion using less than 10 words.