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Fancy a trip around the world with Maddy the Monkey! Look no further...


Using your map skills and knowledge of the continents, follow Maddy's journey around the world seeing the world's most amazing jungles!


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Maths today focusses on Division. This is a revision lesson, reactivating learning from last term. 


1. Watch the Maths Lesson video. 

2.Answer the questions in the document titled 'Division Questions'. 

Maths Fluency 


You have 10 questions to answer. You can use any method you want to answer the questions, just try to do it as quick as you can. 


Today, we want you to log on to Purple Mash and email your class teacher to tell them about your learning this week. We want to know:  


1. What lessons you have found easy. 

2. What lessons you have found difficult. 

3. What lessons do you need more help with.