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Friday 26th June 2020

Today we are going to write the conclusion for our diary entry.

A conclusion generally means the 'end' of a result or the last part of something.

You need to make sure that you summarise what has happened in the diary entry so far.

E.g. Today has been really fun because we played a game and went out for a long walk.

Then you need to provide the reader with insight about the conclusion you have come to.

E.g. I think that the lockdown has been a really good opportunity to spend time with people that live with me.

Finally, you need to address the reader and use an open ended question to get them thinking.

E.g. I have really enjoyed being in my lockdown bubble. I have completed lots of activities and learnt new skills. Think about the things that you have learnt during lockdown. Which skills have you developed and how will they help you to develop?


Deeper Learning challenge: You do not need a conclusion paragraph in a diary entry. Do you agree or disagree? Explain your reasoning.