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Friday 29th January 2021

Phonics: /i-e/

Today's grapheme is the split digraph /i-e/. :)

Reading decodable story - Jig and Jog


Read 'Jig and Jog'. Answer the questions:


1. What colour is the rod?

2. Find a word with a similar meaning to 'run'.

3. The bench is ____________.


Reading - LC: I can visualise my understanding.


Read the text and think about which words you are able to draw. Draw a picture of what is happening in this part of the story. Afterwards, add labels to your picture with words you have retrieved from the text.

LC: I can visualise my understanding.

GPS - LC: I can combine words to make a sentence.


Rearrange the words below to make a sentence. The punctuation provides helpful clues.


The tall. giraffe is


The swung through monkey the trees.


relaxed hippo water. in the The



Maths - Represent numbers to 50


Still image for this video
Standing long jump.