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Friday 8th January 2021


Today we are looking at the grapheme /ea/. Hope you enjoy it!

You can use any paper you have available to record the writing sections of the phonics lessons. The tricky word mat is attached below. You can choose whether to read or write them (or both) each day! 

Writing: LC: I can write in the first person.

Today in writing we are looking at how to write in the first person.

This is where we use words like I, we, me, my and our. We do this to tell the reader about what happened to us.

For this writing topic, we are pretending to be the wolf from the story.

Remember you are the wolf! Write some first person sentences about what you are doing in the pictures provided. 

Remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


Deeper learning - Can you use conjunctions (and, but, because) in some of your sentences?

Maths - Add ones using number bonds

DT - LC: I know how something works.

We are looking at how and why birds make their nests. Which materials do they use? What properties do those materials have which make them useful for a nest?

For today's DT lesson, draw a picture of a bird's nest. Label it with the materials that it is made from. 

Then write some sentences about why each material is useful, for example:

Spider silk is sticky so it holds the nest together.

Feathers are soft so they keep the chicks warm and comfy.

Moss is green so it helps the nest stay camouflaged in the tree.