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Morning Year 3!


We hope you all enjoyed your first week of home schooling and are ready for week 2!

We have allocated some more GPS tasks for you which will go live on Monday morning.

This week’s tasks include:

Harry’s Party – The grammatical difference between plural and possessive –s.


Consonant or vowel – Use the forms ‘a’ or ‘an’ according to whether the next word begins with a consonant or vowel.


Alien Time – Expressing time, place and cause using conjunctions.


Vocab quiz – A test of Year 3 grammar and terminology!

Morning Year 3!



Week 1:

On Purple Mash you will find a range of grammar tasks.


Throughout the Home Learning period, please complete these tasks to the best of your ability. 


The tasks include:

Lily's Dog - Apostrophe practice! Children are asked to mark where letters are missing in spelling and to mark singular possession in nouns.


Mark wants chicken - Using inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.


Jim takes out the rubbish - Punctuating with capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks. Using the personal pronoun 'I'.


Ice cream tenses - Practice using the past and present tense. Use of the progressive form of verbs to mark actions in progress.


George misbehaves - Verb prefixes dis, de-, mis-, over- and re-.