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The enquiry question for the next 4 weeks is:

Should zoos have been allowed to reopen sooner?

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Check out this story from Roman!

A boat called Barnacle.

A putrid smell of fish lined the busy street. A faint squawk came from the crowd , as the dirty boat perched on the water let out a big honk. The low end breeze slapped the face of every resident of the quaint fishing village. The squawks of the crowd got louder as a rugged girl pushed herself to the front.

She had long brown hair, that waved under the glare of the midday sun. And perched on her shoulder , sat a little parrot . It’s feathers seemed to glow under the sun as did her eyes and beak. It wore a garb of red and blue feathers that were neatly preened.

“ Amelia! Amelia! Squawk! Squawk ! “ the parrot shouted.

“ Be more quiet, Polly , “ the girl said. Polly didn’t even respond.


It started to drizzle, and the washed up boat let out another horn honk. On the side, a little sign was sat above the sailors room window and inside, it was completely furnished. Two leather sofas sat at the far end of the room, behind a coffee table.


The sign caught Amelias eye, as she approached the boat. With a steady hand, she lent on the wooden window sill, and looked inside. The sailor captain came out of a neatly - placed trapdoor, which was placed at the side of the boat.

“ Hey, what are you doin ? “ the captain said in a low but icy voice. It was a strange voice for a man his size. He was about the same height as Amelia, slightly shorter.


She began to back up and pick up a pace, as she broke a sweat and started to tremble. She snatched the work poster from the wall and stuffed it in his face.

“ Work ? , a small girl like you ? “ he felt very confused.

“ Fine if you want to work, you better come with me. “ he said in his deepest voice Amelia had heard him use.

He swung open the hatch next to the window and hopped inside. Because he was so small and frail, everyday jobs were a struggle for him.


As Amelia and Polly hopped in, the captain gave Amelia a look like she was futile for the job. In the room, four long tables were on the right and there was racks upon racks of cleaning supplies.

“ Mop and water, scrub the floor. “ the captain said.


It was a hard day of work and even Polly slept in her age the next day.


They lived in a small cave and anyone who said you can’t live like a caveman anymore were wrong in this case. Polly’s cage was on a rotten wooden desk and beside it was a small jar of money.


She worked hard and went to the store. She chose a pair of stylish clothes. They were black and had a thin white belt , that held it together.

She felt overjoyed and went back down to the harbour. The workroom was filled with thick black smoke and the fire roared out puffs of fire.

The tables had been salvaged for scraps too. She felt trapped in an endless cycle of work , she would soon break.

She went back down to the clean store that day.

“ Ello , again! “ the boat keeper said. It was the very same keeper : he wore a large black apron and had a long, grey beard which pointed upwards !


After she bought all her nutritious needs, time went quickly after that. Months, days, years even. She went back to the boat to work the same, old, grubby boat, until she realised that she had enough to buy it entirely.

A thought flickered into her head as she walked to the captains room.

“ Buy my ship ! How much? “ he asked in a growling voice.

“ One grand “ said Amelia.

“ Done “ he said


To be continued ...........

Rainbows of hope