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Lesson 3

Wednesday 17th June 2020

L.C: I can use adverbials 


What is an adverbial?

An adverbial is a word or phrase that tells you when, where or how something is happening.


Why use them in diaries?

They are important for diaries, because you can add the where, when and how information. This helps future generations learn about the past 




In the morning, I watched the birds singing in the trees. 

Quickly, I rushed to get my burning bread!


First have a go at the adverbial activities below.

Now you have practiced I would like you to pick one thing you have enjoyed during lockdown (remember we are making history) and create some sentences (at least 6 sentences) including adverbials. Make sure you think about the vocabulary you are using and make sure it is Year 5 standard.


For example one thing I did during lockdown was make a massive carrot cake (much bigger than I had anticipated)


My sentence example:


Baffled, I poured the thick, gooey mixture into the tin, which was clearly too small for the vast amount I had made. 


During the afternoon, I slaved away in the hot kitchen trying to create a culinary masterpiece!


With precision and care, I placed the small sugar carrots in concentric circles around the top of the magnificent cake.

Answers for the adverbial activities