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Autumn term 2020


This term in maths we will primarily be looking at numbers between 1-10, then moving on to numbers up to 20. Children will be working on number formation, counting in order, counting backwards and also counting a number of objects to 10. We will then be moving on to addition and subtraction and comparing numbers. 


In addition to our morning maths session, we also complete afternoon  'maths fluency' questions daily, in which children independently tackle addition and subtraction questions to build up confidence.

Spring term 2020


This term in Maths, No Problem! we will be looking at numbers from 0-20 and beyond. In the first few weeks back we will be ensuring the children are confident counting forwards and backwards with numbers up to 20 and are also able to represent these numbers in different ways. We will then move on to more complex place value, in which we introduce the children to the tens place and the ones place using base 10 equipment. 

Autumn term 2019 - Maths


This term in maths we are concentrating on numbers to 10. We will be learning to form our single digit numbers correctly and practising counting up and down. We will be working on accurately counting a number of objects and comparing numbers using the words 'more' and 'fewer'. 

Summer term 2019 - Maths


This term we began by working on place value. It has been brilliant to see the children grasp the concept of breaking a number up into tens and ones so quickly. The majority of us can now identify the tens and ones that a 2 digit number is made up of and we are beginning to compare and order numbers using our place value knowledge to help us, too. 


We will soon be moving onto time, which is always a fun topic. First we will be learning about how to read the time to the nearest hour and half hour and also how to draw the time onto a blank clock face. Later, we will move on to ordering the months of the year and learning ways in which we can remember how many days each month has.