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Monday 11th January 2021

Phonics: /oy/

Hi everyone, hope you enjoy today's video. Remember that phonics is super important because it helps us with our reading and writing! :)

Use any paper you have available for writing. Tricky words are attached below!

Reading LC: I can develop and express my understanding.

Fill in the rectangular boxes with information you have retrieved (definitely true.)Fill in the bubbles with inferences (you think it's true but the text doe...

Listen to the text and look at the picture.

Fill in the rectangular boxes with any information that you have retrieved (you know it is true).

Fill in the bubbles with information you have inferred (you think it is true but it doesn't say it in the text.)


The text and worksheet are attached below.

If you are using plain/lined paper to record answers rather than filling in the worksheet that is absolutely fine. :)

Answers do not need to be in full sentences as the purpose of this activity is understanding the text!


Deeper learning: Use 'I think.. because' to write a sentence to justify your inference. For example, 'I think the wolf is in jail because he is wearing black and white stripy clothes.'

Maths - Find and make number bonds


Maths Fluency

Answer the maths questions. You can draw a picture to help you, use a number line, use your fingers, or work them out in your head. 

Correct answers are on the second page so you can mark them yourself afterwards.



LC: I can make a model.

Today's enquiry task is to try and make a bird nest! First you need to find some materials to make a birds nest. You can go outside to your garden, walk to the park or look around the house for materials to construct your bird's nest. 


You can try weaving the materials together or you can use something sticky to help your nest hold together. Please take some pictures and let us see!


Example nests