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LC: I can organise my ideas into paragraphs. 


Using the three sub heading below, re -write all 11 statements underneath the correct subheading that they belong to. This helps to organise ideas into paragraphs. 





Watch the video below and then complete the question sheet. 

Maths Fluency 

Remember, you can use column method to work these out!


Practise these spellings at home this week. We are looking at the spelling rule ' the soft 'c'. Sometimes a 'c' can also make a 's' sound.


LC: I can decide how materials meet their purpose.


We will be making a lantern just like Florence Nightingales. You need to have a look at the materials below and decide whether they would be good to make a lantern or not. Think about the advantages and the disadvantages of using each material. 

Mrs Tyler's example: