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This week we are looking at words that end with the letters 'ture'.

What 'ture' words can you think of?

Write a list.  Use a dictionary to check your spellings.


Log into Purple Mash and complete your spelling 2do.


Here is the list of words you will be tested on on Friday.  I have also included some ideas of how you can practise your spellings.

Alternative Activity

Work through the activities on the website below.  Then, do the worksheet.



LC: I can select vocabulary for effect

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Alternative help sheet:


This lesson looks back at the best ways to divide numbers.

Watch the video.  Pause when it asks you to and have a go at the activities.  

Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (2)

For an extra challenge, have a think about this True or False question.
You can find the answer sheet for today's maths at the bottom of this page.

LC: I can use prior knowledge to support understanding

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Alternative Text:



LC: I know how Egyptian burial practices changed

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Alternative Help Sheet