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Monday 8th June 2020

Today we are going to be thinking about the list of buildings you want to include in your ideal world. Have a look at the drawing you made of your ideal world on Friday. What building or activities did you include? What elements do you need to include in your world?  

Usually, when we write a list we use a piece of punctuation called a bullet point.

  • It looks like this.

Look at the examples of lists below.

What do you notice about the structure of the list?

There is a gap between the margin and the bullet point.

Each new item starts a new line.

Each item includes a number the reader will need.

Write your list of what you will include in your perfect world using the bullet point 2do activity on Purplemash.

Deeper learning challenge: Look at the example below and identify 3 things that are wrong with the list and explain what it should look like.

2 cinemas 3 shopping centres 2 swimming pools some houses