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Phonics: 3rd April - /ew/

Hi everyone, this is sadly the last phonics lesson of this term! Hope you all have a good holiday. :)

Phonics: 2nd April -/aw/

Hi everybody, here is today's phonics lesson.

Phonics: 1st April - /ue/ (yoo)

Sorry everyone, I forgot to upload this to the school website! You can also find my videos by typing in 'Home learning with Miss Brooks' to youtube. :)

Phonics: 31st March - /ue/ (oo)

If you are on purple mash send me some silly voice ideas. :)

Phonics: 30th March 2020 - /ir/

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for more phonics! :D

Phonics: 27th March 2020 - /oy/

Hi everyone, hope you enjoy today's video. Remember that phonics is super important because it helps us with our reading and writing! :)

Phonics: 26th March 2020 - /ea/

Today we are looking at the grapheme /ea/. Hope you enjoy it. If you have any suggestions for funny voices we can do next week, drop me an email on purple mash!

Phonics: 25th March 2020 - /ie/

Hope you enjoy today's phonics everybody. The grapheme is /ie/. :)

Phonics: 24th March 2020 - /ou/

Hi everybody, Sorry this is a bit late, I ran into some technical difficulties! Should be back to posting at normal time tomorrow.
Today's grapheme is /ou/.

Phonics: 23rd March 2020 - /ay/

Hi everyone,
Today in phonics we are looking at the phase 5 grapheme /ay/. You will need your wet play book, a pencil and your tricky word mat from your home learning pack. You can pause the video any time by using the pause button or the space bar.