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The secrets of the mummies!


Year 4 went on a trip to Derby Museum and Art Gallery to learn all about the secrets of Egyptian mummies. We saw a real Egyptian mummy and learnt all about his life and how he was buried. We met an Egyptian lady who travelled thousands of years to share with us the process of mummification. Although, finding out how they removed the brains of the person made us all feel a little queasy! 

We also examined many different types of archeological artefacts that had been buried in Derbyshire dating from the early stone age up to Roman times. We even saw the paw print of a dog in a Roman roof tile and the dents left by beans in the bottom of a clay bowl!

We also visited a room full of different types of stuffed animals! We have never been so close to the jaws of a bear! We used our observational skills to draw one of the animals during our visit. 

We had a wonderful day and learnt some fascinating new facts that we can use in our learning this term. 

Roman Day

Year 4 went on a trip to Wollaton Hall, and we took part in two workshops.


In one of our workshops we were getting ready for a party.  We had to write invites, plan the menu, visit the bathhouse and get dressed ready for the birthday celebration.


In our other workshop, we heard about how archaeologists help us to learn about the past.  We saw some real Roman artefacts and discussed what they showed us about the everyday life of ordinary Romans.  We then carefully sketched the items in front of us.