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PSHE - Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

Are zoos essential for protecting animals or would the world be better off without them?


Some people believe that keeping animals in zoos is cruel and unnatural; others believe that the conservation project run by zoos help to save species from extinction. 


Explain the different points of view people might have about this animal rights issue. 


Here are some websites that might be useful:

Safety: Always take care when using the internet.  Use trusted websites that are suitable for children.  Use ‘KS2’ and ‘for kids’ in your search terms.  If you see anything that worries or upsets you, tell your trusted adult straight away.


You can write the points for and against zoos on paper and upload a photo onto PurpleMash. 


If you want to type up your arguments, then search for ‘Zoo Animals Debate’ on PurpleMash to find a writing frame.  Remember to save your work in your ‘My Work’ folder.