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Public Speaking

Beeston Fields -  we want to hear your voice!


Each week we're going to release a new discussion topic on this page and on Twitter. 


We want you to have a voice and share your opinion on these various topics.


You can record yourself discussing the topic, write a written response or even do a voice recording. You can then send them directly to us on Purple Mash or if your parents have Twitter they can tag @Beeston_Fields and @FlyingHighTrust, using the hashtag - #FlyingHighTalks.


What has been discussed so far? 


This Week....

Discussion Topic 3: 'Is space exploration important for the world? Why?'




Previous Weeks...

Discussion Topic 3: ' If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?'



Discussion Topic 2:  ‘Whose responsibility is it for us to have clean air to breathe?’ 



Discussion Topic 1: 'Should children get to plan what they are taught?'