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Public Speaking

Beeston Fields -  we want to hear your voice!


Each week we're going to release a new discussion topic on this page and on Twitter. 


We want you to have a voice and share your opinion on various topics.


You can record yourself discussing the topic, write a written response or even do a voice recording. You can then send them directly to us on Purple Mash or if your parents have Twitter they can tag @Beeston_Fields and @FlyingHighTrust, using the hashtag - #FlyingHighTalks.


Discussion topic:


1. Should we have a say in what is taught at school?

2. Whose responsibility is it for us to have clean air to breathe?

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

4. Is space exploration important to the world?

5. Should restaurants use plastic straws?


Here is a link you can follow if you want to write a response to the discussion topic:

Mr Jenkins launches the Public Speaking Programme

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