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Pupil Ambassador Updates

Our proud Beeston Fields Elves (Pupil Ambassadors) joyfully delivered Christmas cards to all of our children this afternoon, after the cards had safely quarantined over the weekend.

Pupil Ambassadors - Autumn 2020

The Pupil Ambassadors have worked hard during the autumn term to improve our school for everyone.

Samuel has work really hard alongside Mr Jenkins to create an online version of our Final Outcomes so parents and carers don’t miss out on finding out what we’ve been learning about in school.

Mia and Tianna have been working hard to design a new book area in KS2 which they are going to create with Miss Castledine in the spring term.

Tianna has been making sure she gets feedback from all classes and feeds it back to the Pupil Ambassador meetings to be discussed.

Heidi has worked hard to promote kindness across the school by giving out ‘Caught being Kind’ stickers and recommending children to be displayed on the school’s Kindness Board.

Taylor has also worked hard to look after the school’s environment by litter picking at break times and by designing and displaying posters around school to encourage everyone to take pride in our school.

Grace and Erin have also had lots of ideas about how they can support maths and the environment next term.

Our Pupil Ambassadors finished off their term’s hard work by delivering the quarantined Christmas cards to all classes.



On Tuesday 6th October our Kindness Ambassadors Heidi and Lottie proudly handed over our Harvest donations to Hope House, who were so impressed with our incredible selection.

A huge thank you again to our amazing families who have been so generous in helping us support our community in true Beeston Fields spirit.