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Rocking Romans

This history based topic will give the children the  opportunity to discover what life was like in Roman times. Additionally, in science they will be looking at   how to classify different living things. The children’s learning will culminate in a special Roman day where you will be invited to join us for a session to share your child’s work.  

Wollaton Hall Roman Day

Year 4 had a fantastic day taking part in Roman activities at Wollaton Hall. Each class took part in two workshops:

1) Archaeology: We found out more about the work of archaeologists. We got to examine some real Roman artifacts - some were thousands of years old! We looked closely at the finds and drew detailed sketches. We saw teeth, bones, pottery, jewellery and coins.

2) Marcus's Birthday: It was Marcus's birthday and we needed to help him get ready! We learnt about the Roman Bath house and how to put on a toga. We found out what Roman's ate and wrote invitations using the Roman alphabet. Then, it was time for the party. We were guests or slaves and had to greet our host by saying 'Salve!'

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