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Children in Year 2 will be sitting their SATs test during May 2021. 

Usually we would host a SATs cafe, but we are unable to do this at the moment so we wanted to give you some more information about the SATs expectations and end of year assessments. 


End of Year Expectations 

The children will be assessed at the end of Year 2 against the Teacher Assessment Frameworks and will either be: 

- Working Towards the Standard (WTS)

-Working At the Expected Standard (EXS)

-Working above the Expected Standard (GDS)

Teachers will use a combination of both the frameworks and the SATs results to grade your child at WTS, EXS or GDS.  


Teacher Assessment Frameworks 

Below are the framework expectations for the end of Year 2. These are the statements that the children are taught throughout the year and need to show that they can do independently, in order to achieve the statement.








The children need to have evidence that they can achieve each statement independently. Teachers are constantly assessing the children against this throughout the year. 



In May the children will complete 4 x SATs papers. There are 2 x Maths papers and 2 x Reading papers. 

DO NOT worry about the SATs. The children will be familiar with the process by May because we will be doing practise's throughout the year. 

We will be sending home additional homework to support the children's learning. Please complete this with your child to support them do the best that they can.