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One of the biggest expenses in running a zoo is buying food for the varied diets of the animals there.


Investigate how much food different animals eat.

  1. Choose an animal.
  2. Search the internet using the question 'How much food does a ______ eat? KS2'


Safety: Always take care when using the internet.  Use trusted websites that are suitable for children.  Use ‘KS2’ and ‘for kids’ in your search terms.  If you see anything that worries or upsets you, tell your trusted adult straight away.


You could present your learning in a graph or a table.


Which zoo animals are herbivores? Are there any insectivores?


Find the definitions for each of these terms:

  • herbivore
  • carnivore
  • omnivore
  • insectivore


Can you create a list of animals for each term? 


You can share your work by searching for ‘2Connect’ on PurpleMash and creating a mindmap.  You can always create a mindmap on paper if you would prefer.