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Summer Week 3 & 4


Create a timeline of all the things you have been up during Lock Down. 

You can present this however you want as long as all the events are in time order (chronological order).  Check out Miss Gutteridge's powerpoint which shows the events during her lock down. 


Think about the people that have been in your bubble over the last few weeks. Create a drawing that shows what your bubble looks like and what you've done, just like Miss Taylor's. 



Lesson 1: Can you create your own bubble scene using lots of different circular shaped objects?

You could print using these objects using circular things like an empty toilet roll, lego or bubble wrap or you could draw them instead, it is your choice. 









Lesson 2: Can you create your own bubble picture using paint or food colouring?





How has lockdown had a positive impact on the environment?


Think abut the impact it has had on the animals, the air, the oceans and transport. You might have seen some stories in the news of some of the strange but wonderful things that have happened.

Use the images in the ppt below to have a discussion as a family about the positive impact lockdown has had on the environment. Alternatively you could make a poster to show the positive impact. 



Lesson 1: Who are in our bubbles?

Create 2 bubbles.

Bubble 1: Who is in your bubble at home? Who have you been able to see everyday?

Bubble 2: Who isn’t in your bubble, that you would love to see?


Check out Miss Doherty's here 





Lesson 1: Why do we need to be in a bubble?

This is to stop germs spreading. Make a poster to show how we can stop spreading germs – remember the glitter experiment we did in the hall and the advice we gave Mr Twit. Maybe you could  use that knowledge to help you.




Science Lesson 2


What makes the biggest bubble? Using materials from around your house, what makes the biggest bubble?


Could you use plastic from the tops of cans of pop? 


Could you make one using sticks and string?



Try the touch type game on Purple Mash. Simply click on the letter you see in the bubble. 


Check out Miss Doherty's example here -

Computing- 2Pop

Have a go at popping the bubbles with the right key on your keyboard! Next year you will learn to touch type and use your different fingers on the keyboard. ...



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