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Summer wk 6 6th July


This week we are working on weight and how heavy things are. 

Can you think of times when might need to weigh something? 

I know I need to when I'm baking some yummy cookies. 



TOP TIP - Complete last week's activity 3 lesson before you start this week, as it will make it easier for you. 


We will also look at how to measure temperature, working out how hot or cold it is. I've got to go check the oven is hot enough for those cookies...

Ohhh, they're going to be so yummy. 




Activity 1 - Measure mass in grams

Have a try at some of these questions. 

Watch the video below for some tips from Miss Gutteridge to get them done quickly in your head. 

5 July, 2020 - Loom Recording.mp4

Still image for this video

Activity 2 - Measure mass in kilograms

Watch Miss Gutteridge give tips on how to subtract numbers quickly.

Still image for this video

Activity 3 - Temperature