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Skimming and scanning. 

Yesterday we looked at the difference between the skimming and scanning, and today we are applying these skills to retrieve information. 


1. Firstly, using the paragraph with the subheading ‘Who Were the Ancient Greeks?’ on Page 4, skim to get an overview of the paragraph.


2. Secondly, using the paragraph with the subheading 'Ancient Greece' on Page 5scan to find these key dates.


The Trojan War

The first Olympics

Colonies are set up

War between Athens and Sparta

The Romans conquer Greece


Watch the video to watch Miss Gutteridge explain how to do this. 

Thursday Reading

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Writing Thursday.mp4

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Click on the video below to find out more about today's lesson. 

Lesson 3 - Related calculations

This is "Spr3.1.3 - Related calculations" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



Solve these 6 questions using skills we have already learnt. 


0 + 8 =

20 - 11 =

7 + 6 + 2 =

4, 8, ___, 16 =

634 – 194 =

1/3 of 18 =


Don't forget to have a go on Time Table Rock Stars too. 



Conjunctions are amazing because they let you add detail to your sentence. 

Subordinating conjunctions are special because it means the information you are adding, doesn't make sense by it's self. 


Can you use these subordinating conjunctions below to finish the sentences. 

Sing with Grammarsaurus - Subordinating Conjunctions (A WHITE BUS)

Add a subordinating conjunction to these sentence. 


The crowd cheered loudly _____________ the race started.  


Usain Bolt smiled for the cameras _____________ he crossed the finish line.  


He loves running _____________ he like playing cricket too. 



Finish these sentences that have a subordinating conjunction. 


When Usain Bolt was young, ____________________ . 


He was tired after____________________. 


Enquiry Olympic Lesson 2

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The Olympic Games story for kids


Chp 2.mp4

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Here Comes Hercules by Stella Tarakson
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