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Reading Lesson


Today we are reciprocal reading pages 8 and 9. We will be following the process we did earlier in the week, while looking at the language of non-fiction texts. 


Reciprocal read means we follow this process -

1. Make predictions before we read (making a sense guess about what the text is about). 

2. Clarify words as we read we the text (work out the meaning of words we don't know). 

3. Ask questions after we have read a passage (ask questions to understand the text more). 

4. Summarise what we have read (sum up the main point). 


You can watch the video and read along with Miss Gutteridge, or use this process and read it by yourself. 


Then I want you to find an example of 5 words or phrases you would only really expect to see in a non-fiction text. This might be topic or scientific words or phrases to draw you in and to keep reading the facts. Remember to send these words or phrases to us so we can see what you spotted. 


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Writing Lesson


Watch the video and complete the activity. Today we are writing the final paragraph of our biographies from the notes we have made. (Ooops!  The date is wrong on the video, but it is the correct one!)

Writing Thursday

Maths Lesson


Watch the video and complete the activity. 

Spr3.3.3 - Scaling

This is "Spr3.3.3 - Scaling" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Deeper Learning Challenge



Complete the number problems - use your written methods to help you.


7 + 6 + 4 =

60 - ___ = 25

7 x 3 =

40 ÷ 8 =

1/3 of 33 =

___ + 34 = 100


GPS/Spelling Lesson


Watch the video and complete the activity. 

Enquiry Lesson


Watch the video and complete the activity. 

Greece Climate Lesson 2.mp4

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Story Time


Watch the video and listen to the story. 

Chp 12.mp4

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Here Comes Hercules by Stella Tarakson

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