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Thursday 25th June 2020

Today I would like you to write a diary entry about an activity that you have completed in your bubble during the lockdown.

Include relative clauses, expanded noun phrases and exciting adjective. Make sure you include how the activity made you feel and why you chose the activity.

Did it include other people in your bubble?

Did they enjoy the activity too?

How many people were involved?

What objects did you use to take part in the activity?

Where did the activity take place?


Read the example below to help you.


Dear diary,

Today, my happy family, who are very competitive, took part in an exciting zoom quiz. We logged on to the incredible website, which is very clever, so that my grandma could see us. My beautiful Grandma, who is very funny, poked her long tongue out at us and wiggled her hairy ears. I thought that this was hilarious and I laughed heartily. The first question, that was about history, was very confusing. I didn’t know the tricky answer but my brilliant brother managed to figure it out quickly.

“Henry the eighth! It’s Henry the eighth!” he shouted excitedly.


Deeper learning challenge: Include 10 of our year 4 spelling words. Click on the sheet below to remind you.