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Thursday 28th January 2021

Phonics: /e-e/

Another split digraph today. The grapheme is e-e, for example in complete and extreme. :)

Reading decodable story - Jig and Jog

Writing - LC: I can identify and use adjectives.


Today we are thinking of adjectives and using them in some sentences. Adjectives are describing words.

Look at the pictures and think of some adjectives for each animal. Then have a go at putting your adjectives into sentences.


Deeper learning: Can you use adjective, adjective noun phrases in your sentences? For example:


The sneaky alligator has small, beady eyes.

LC: I can identify and use adjectives.

Maths - Tens and ones


Still image for this video
Draw a backpack containing all of the things Matthew Henson would need on his journey to the North Pole.