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Thursday 4th June 2020

At the end of this unit, you are going to create instructions for how to build a new world. You will be explaining to the reader what they will need to use and how they will create their perfect world.


Today you are going to have a go at writing your introduction to your instructions. Your introduction needs to get the reader’s attention and draw them into reading your work. 


Look at the introduction example below.

Is it exciting? Does it grab the attention of the reader? Does it make you want to read on?

You need to make your introduction exciting and descriptive and something that the reader will relate to. Use rhetorical questions and expanded noun phrases to relate to the reader.


Think about:

Why might your reader want to build a new world?

What could be wrong with their current world?

What things do you think would make the best world?

What buildings or activities would you include in your perfect world?


Look at the examples of introductions below to give you an idea of how you could start.

Complete the purple mash 2do. Don’t forget to check the checklist alongside your work to make sure that you have covered everything. Delete the red writing after you have typed your introduction.


Deeper learning challenge: Include a de:de sentence in your introduction.